About the GSR

Welcome to the 2010 Global Status Report on Community Foundations.

For the first time, we are using a website to publish this indispensable guide to the state of community foundations across the world.

For the past 10 years, successive editions of the Global Status Report on Community Foundations have tracked the growth and development of community foundations worldwide. The reports are a useful way to access important statistics and to learn about community philanthropy. Earlier reports have been well used by support organizations, individual community foundations, donors, and funders.

WINGS is committed to continuing this tradition in the 2010 version of the Global Status Report (GSR 2010). We have collected the data in much the same way as before, using a survey of support organizations and community foundations, while adding more questions about the substance of the work that community foundations are involved in.

Data from the survey has been used to write the 27 country reports. These reports have been used as the basis for the analysis of five main themes of the Global Status Report (2010): facts and figures, connections and support, changing external environment, encouraging giving, and achievements in the community. The main survey was supplemented by a shorter survey completed by 19 community foundations. Contact details for key organizations are included in the country reports.

You will see that this web site is multi-layered. In addition to the analysis of the surveys, there are places for your stories to be posted by country and region, and a place for your photographs. These will help to give life to the impact community foundations are having in your country and region.

You will be able to explore our findings in your own way and in your own time. All you need to do is to begin to click on the links and you will soon find your way around.

This work has been made possible by a generous grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

Developing the 2010 GSR

WINGS gratefully acknowledgements the WINGS-CF Advisory Committee for their thoughtful and constructive participation in the development of the survey questionnaire and for the review of the website material. A special thank-you to the following:

  • GSR 2010 Project Director: Jane Humphries, Chair, WINGS-CF Advisory Committee
  • GSR 2010 Content and Survey Analysis: Barry Knight, Executive Director, CENTRIS
  • GSR 2010 Project Coordinator: Vera Billen, Member, WINGS-CF Advisory Committee
  • GSR 2010 Website Design: Foil Media

In this section

Saffa Women's Committee

Association of Slovak Community Foundations

Bratislava Community Foundation supports neighbouring Hungarian citizens to start a Community Foundation by offering learning and site visits.


Donors are increasingly interested in the outcomes of their investments.

The Community Foundation for South Sinai

This new Egyptian foundation is at a very early stage in its work and operates among marginalized people in a strictly controlled environment. The changes it expects to achieve will be slow in coming and hard-won when they do. Some very simple grassroots grants have had an important impact in impoverished areas.